The London' firm of VOVAN & ASSOCIES was established in 2011 by Stanley ROWE, Avocat and European Lawyer admitted to practice in France, England and Wales. Stanley has fifteen years’ experience in international trade law, investment law, banking law and international contracts. Stanley has built around him a team of corporate lawyers with strong expertise in investment law and project finance, international contracts, banking law, securities law, competition law and real estate. 

The London firm provides corporate law advice to a broad range of UK and foreign companies, from start-up to listed companies. The London team regularly advises foreign companies in relation to their investment projects primarily in Europe, Middle East and Africa, helping them in meeting complex regulatory requirements, advising on the choice of project vehicles most optimal from a tax and legal perspective and assisting them in structuring their financing. 

As an associated firm of VOVAN & ASSOCIES Paris, the French lawyers at the London office may provide a broad range of legal services under French law without need for their clients to travel to France. The firm regularly advises British individuals and UK companies in relation to their investment projects in France. 


VOVAN & ASSOCIES London can advice its clients in English, French, Spanish and Arab. 

VOVAN & ASSOCIES trades in the United Kingdom under the name of SEJRLtd, a law firm authorised and regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority (registration number 591236).

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